my quotes-

When are you about to say there's a gun aimed to your head because you miss me? -

 You can't blame me for the things i didn't do, but you can judge me for the things i did, you can't lock me up, but you can hold me tight♥  

You know that i'll catch you, so trust me and dare to fall.♥

Yes, i talk... that's why we all get a mouth at our birth, so don't tell me to shut up.

 it's tricky to take the risc, but what do you have to lose?

 Great things that didn't came treu, are the great things you only know in ur fantasy.


just for u.

i alway's smile, so nobody can see my pain, i'm broken, but i don't know what give up means, nobody can help me, i alway's told that i have somebody who's listen if i had something to tell him, But look around you, see the people who's care about you, if you scared in the dark, your mother is there to suport you, the biggest thing in your life, is stay your dad's shoulder, but what you have to do, when everything is disapear, there's nothing to change, life is life, it's hard, but sometime's when i looked back, than i smile, cause the time's of the past are beautyful, no care innocent and everything's fine, if i see you i will be shine, but there's something in me, who's tell that i can't trust you, you make me uncertain

but i can live with the pain, i learned that you were not good for me, i build my own life, without you, and see what i wanna see, so when is the time that you gonna tell me that there is a gun aimed at your head, because you miss me? .

Taking a chance.

i've heard so many times that '' sorry seems to be the hardest word '' but why would you say sorry for something you proud of? Why would you regret what you've done when everybody seems to like it? I tell you why, you say sorry, because people expect you to do that, but we all forget that we do the things we do for ourselves not for somebody else, the human being is just selfish.
Why would you regret it what you love? Just because no one else seems to love it ?  it's what you've done, there ain't no bad stuff because at the end it will turn out right, so just take it the way it comes. 
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turning the page.

Sometimes you realize that people go another way or they stay for a little while and than go, you think about it  and realize you miss them and the times you had with this person, but i learned that it's just a chapter to close, cause i realized there's so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on, i know now that every day is a new chapter with new people in it, new adventures to go on new mistakes to make and new things to regret, i decide whats in my book, i learned to star again every day after i realized that some people don't go trough this book with me, that's why i truly love the people who will with me  untill the last chapter, i keep these chapters in mind for later, so if my kids ask me  how to do something i can tell them one of my chapters but i also say to them ; don't forget to make your own, i will never be disapointed or mad at you, because you will learn from it maybe not that same day maybe it will take years, but i know you learn cause i learned from it to, i   do everything i shouldn't do just to have my story with my experience, i do things i should do so i can say i did what they expected me to do, but i also stood my ground, because if you don't stand up for who you are, your dreams, or for whoever you wanna be, than how can you even make one of your dreams come true?  I realized after years of struggle and being disapointed because of the people who were around me, that i had to fight for whatever i want or whatever comes on my path, even know it took a long time to figure that out, but life will never be on the same line with you, so just try to make the best out of it, life isn't made to proof or disapointing people, hurting they're feelings, life is made of what you make of it.